Kadota Kyohei

Hello, I'm Kadota Kyohei, a member of the notorious internet gang known as the Dollars. This is not, however, the first gang I've been a part of; I was formerly a member of the since-fallen Blue Squares, a gang I defected from. I attended Raira Academy for my high school years, along with the information broker Orihara Izaya, the man known as the strongest in Ikebukuro, Heiwajima Shizuo, and a doctor, Kishitani Shinra. You could say they're my best friends. I graduated from the academy with honors, but decided against pursuing a higher education, much to the dismay of my parents. I currently work construction, fixing and repairing walls. On the Dollars site I go by the username Monta, /not/ Dota-chin. Dota-chin is a bothersome nickname given to me by Izaya and adopted by Karisawa Erika and Yumasaki Walker, two of the three Dollars I hang out with. The other is Saburo Togusa. We were all previously Blue Squares. You could say I'm the leader of this small group, but I'm not really, despite many people calling us "Kadota's Gang." We are, I guess, some of the more outgoing and proactive Dollars; we go to great lengths to do what we can for the gang, despite never having met nor spoken to the leader. Not having met them doesn't really bother me, nor do I think it's cowardly that they hide behind anonymity. In fact, I think I appreciate it more; there's no hierarchy to go through, nor anyone in particular to "impress" per se. For all I know, despite my suspicions, the leader may not even be from Ikebukuro.